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(Supt. St. John's article from the July MN Matters article)                                                                                



David took up residence in the fortress city; that’s how it got its name, “City of David.”...David’s stride became longer, his embrace larger—yes, God-of-the-Angel-Armies was with him! (1 Chronicles 11:7-9 MSG) 

The above passage of Scripture contains a brief description of the increased level of influence David began to enjoy once he was finally established on the throne over all Israel.  We are told that his “stride became longer, his embrace larger.” 

I find this wording particularly intriguing because it seems to capture a phenomenon that tends to occur when the last pieces of a long-standing puzzle finally fall in place and we see some aspect of something God had called us to do earlier become a reality. We find ourselves walking in a new freedom and confidence at such junctures. We have a larger scope of influence and are able to move more freely in areas in which we were previously hindered.

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2014 Calendar of Events

July 31
South Central Section Prayer and Fasting
Hillside Church, Mankato

September 29-October 1
Clergy Prayer and Fasting Retreat
Lake Geneva Christian Center
Special Guest: Jack Hayford
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April 16-18, 2015
District Council and Equip

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