1. Call first to determine patient's availability for a visit.

  2. Knock before entering a room and depend on the Lord to direct your visit.

  3. Observe signs, notices, and precautions on patient's door.

  4. If possible, sit where you can maintain comfortable eye contact with the patient.

  5. Be cheerful, make pleasant conversation

  6. Shape the tone and substance of your conversation from cues offered by the patient.

  7. Listen attentively by giving the patient your undivided attention.

  8. Let patient know he/she can talk about sensitive subjects

  9. Excuse yourself when the doctor enters the room unless requested to stay.

  10. Share Scripture and ask patients of they have special needs as you prepare to pray.

  11. Inform the Pastoral Care Department of your visit if possible.

Please don't...

  1. Be insulted by patient's words/attitudes or register shock at a patient's appearance.

  2. Offer false optimism or participate in criticism about the doctor or the treatment.

  3. Touch the equipment or sit on the patient's bed.

  4. Tell the patient unpleasant news - including your own troubles.

  5. Whisper when talking to family members or medical staff.

  6. Break hospital rules or violate confidentiality issues.

  7. Awaken the patient unless a nurse gives approval.

  8. Help the patient get out of bed or give food or drink without a nurse's approval.

  9. Assume anything.

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