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To evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Royal Rangers is America's premier, most sought after mentoring ministry for next generation men! Today's boy is tomorrow's man. The best time to train a man is while he's still a boy. By mobilizing, inspiring, and resourcing mentors, Royal Rangers offers character and servant leadership education to boys and young men (K-12) in a highly relational, fun, and interactive environment.

Influence more, more effectively! That is our vision. In 1962, Royal Rangers started with only a few boys. Today, thanks to the innovation and devotion of our mentors "to influence more boys and young men than ever, more effectively than ever," Royal Rangers' influence continues to expand, shaping future generations one boy at a time. Royal Rangers exists to "evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders." This is our passion!

Mentoring future men with God's Word as our guide is our aim.

If you would like more information about Royal Rangers

Please contact the Assemblies God Church in your community or the Minnesota District Assemblies of God Headquarters at (612) 332-2400. The Royal Rangers Ministry is Assemblies of God based, but other qualifying denominations can charter a Royal Rangers Outpost.

Minnesota District Leadership Camps  
Honor Guard Training Camp


A Royal Ranger will develop the skills required to participate in a corps of Rangers who will lead formal processions, ceremonies and other special events across the state of Minnesota. This camp will focus on marching, learning drills and formations as well as the basics in carrying and presenting our flags. Teamwork, discipline and uniformity will be emphasized throughout this camp.

Honor Guard Training Camp Info

Discovery Training Camp

Discovery Training Camp will provide boys with training using merit skills with an emphasis on leadership training.  This merit-based camp is designed for boys (grades 3-5) AND THEIR LEADERS. Older Ranger boys may attend as instructor/trainees with approval.  This camp gives the commanders from the outpost the opportunity to learn the Royal Ranger patrol system.  Leaders and boys will camp, cook, and attend classes together. Additional merits will be offered.

Discovery Training Camp Info

Junior Training Camp


A Royal Ranger begins to develop his camping skills as he builds upon his basic knowledge of camping by learning new techniques in living in the great outdoors. He will also develop his leadership skills as he learns to apply the patrol system with a group of Rangers.

Junior Training Camp Info

Advanced Junior Training Camp

A Royal Ranger continues to develop his camping skills as he builds upon his camping knowledge by learning more advanced techniques in living in the great outdoors. He will further develop his leadership skills in the patrol system.

Advanced Junior Training Camp Info

Junior Survival Camp


A Royal Ranger will challenge himself as he learns to live off the land, forage and prepare wild plants, purify water, develop snaring and trapping skills, apply wilderness first aid, and build survival shelters.

Junior Survival Camp Info

Junior Canoe Expedition

A Royal Ranger will receive specialized training in how to handle canoes safely in many scenarios and learn techniques in water rescue and survival while on a two-day trip in some of the most beautiful canoe country in Minnesota.

Junior Canoe Expedition Info

Junior Spirit Challenge Camp

This camp completes the Rangers “Trail to the Saber.” The focus is the personal and spiritual growth and development of the young man as he prepares himself for Christian adulthood. Guided by a qualified youth pastor, he will be challenged spiritually with personal devotions, prayer and fellowship in the great outdoors.

Junior Spirit Challenge Camp Info

Dear Royal Ranger, Ranger Parent, or Ranger Leader:

Thank you for your interest in Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship’s Big Adventure camp. This camp is the path to a great adventure in the “FCF” world. You will step into the history of our great nation, and join with the “North Star Chapter” as we renew the skills that the Frontiersmen needed to open our nation, and to develop the skills to support and move the Royal Ranger Ministry forward

Big Adventure Application

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Minnesota District News  

 Donations to Lake Placid

Please consider a donation to Lake Placid Campground if you have met your tithe to your local church and you would like to bless the Royal Ranger Ministry and Lake Placid Campground.  Donations are an important part of the need to balance the expenses of maintaining the campground.  Donations over $70 per year receive a special patch and donations for $300 or more per year receive a plaque.

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July Events:

14 - 18 National FCF Rendezvous(MO)
31 - Aug 3 Discovery Training Camp
31 - Aug 3 Honor Guard Camp
31 - Aug 3 Suirvival Camp
31 - Aug 3 Big adventure

August Events:

7 - 10 Junior Training Camp
7 - 10 Advanced Junior Training Camp
7 - 10 Spirit Challenge Camp
7 - 10 Canoe Action Camp

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