MN Chaplaincy Department  
Those who serve in Assemblies of God US Missions Chaplaincy Ministries are working every day to bring the gospel to all people in every walk of life - but the way they are accomplishing this might surprise you.

Chaplains are ministering to the lost and hurting in hospitals, prisons, military barracks, corporations, and even at places such as bike rallies, rodeos, racetracks and disaster sites. When ministering in such places, the hood of a HUMVEE or the table in a break room suddenly becomes a pulpit or a place to serve communion. Sometimes pastoral counseling takes place on a Harley or in the belly of an aircraft carrier. For chaplains, ministry opportunities change almost every day.

Each day thousands of people who have never committed their lives to Christ are passing into eternity. As long as people are hurting and yearning for more than this life has to offer, there will be a need for qualified chaplains who are willing and able to take Christ’s message of love and hope to those who are spiritually lost.

Chaplains are ordinary people who are inspired by extraordinary purpose.
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