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When the Israelites left Egypt; having been delivered from slavery, they must have thought that all their troubles were over – that the rest of their journey to the Promised Land would be easy and uneventful. In reality, they were unprepared for what lay ahead of them.   Their wilderness wandering would prove to be a time of testing designed to develop their dependence upon God. Shortly after crossing the Red Sea the Israelites travelled three days into the wilderness and found no water. (Exodus15:22) When they came to a place called Marah they found water but it was ‘bitter,’ so they could not drink it. Imagine how thirsty the people must have been after three days in the wilderness! Imagine how desperate they must have been for a drink of cool water. Imagine their disappointment when they could not drink the water! It was then they began to murmur and complain to Moses. In reality, they were murmuring against God for bringing them into this hardship

The same is often true of God’s people after they have committed themselves to serving Him. They think that the rest of their lives should be easy and uneventful. The fact that God has given us freedom and blessings does not mean that we won’t experience further testing in some way.  No matter how many times we may feel unprepared when we face hardship and testing, we need to remember that God is never unprepared. God never has an ‘emergency!’ He is never confronted with a situation that He doesn’t have an answer to. If we are ever prone to murmur about our circumstances, we need to remember that God always has an answer to our dilemma.  It is better to keep our spirit calm and remember God’s promises of provision. We just need to trust Him!

Some years ago while going through a test of my faith, I came across Isaiah 30:15. It became meaningful to me at that time as it addressed some anxiety I was going through. Often when the answer that we seek is not evident, we have a tendency to murmur against God. His delay in giving us the answer is not reasonable! That’s where I was. I was desperate for an answer and I wanted it…now! When I came across this verse, it ‘jumped off the page’ speaking to me directly.

The verse reads:
"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength." This verse invited me to place my trust in God. It spoke of a tranquil spirit - a quiet trust for God to work out the details of my situation. I can trust Him because He knows the situation better than I do, and He knows the outcome. I just need to have confidence in how He will work it out. If we could see the finished picture, we might look differently on the struggles we are going through today. We seem to be so 'nearsighted' when it comes to seeing the plan of God for our lives. Many a beautiful plan of God has been spoiled by human meddling. It is best to submit to God's work with a quiet confidence. His plan may rough us up a little - break us a little - maybe even bruise us a little, but in reality, His plan is designed to assist in developing our confidence in Him. If we will submit to Him humbly, God will make us into the beautiful person He intends for us to be.

Pastor Bruce Talso
2nd Half Ministries Director

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