1. Please read through the attached Policy Manual for Credential Applicants for the requirements and procedures for applying for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.  

  2. If requirements are met, the credential applicant should contact the District Office to obtain an Official Application for Ministerial Credentials [call (612) 332.2400].  The Official Application will be mailed or e-mailed to the applicant with Information Authorization & Release form(s) and a Background Check Disclosure form.  All forms should be completed and returned to the District Office with any transcripts that pertain to ministry, a copy of the Social Security card, and the appropriate application/filing fee [see pg 4 of the Policy Manual for applicable fees].

  3. A background check will be run on the applicant [which includes a credit check], and upon receipt of favorable reports, the remainder of the application materials will be sent to the applicant [see Step #2 on pg 12 of the Policy Manual].

  4. The applicant will be required to take an examination.  The test may be taken under the supervision of a proctor or at the District Office [see pg 13 of the Policy Manual].

  5. Please note the Application Deadline indicated on pg 14 of the Policy Manual.  Applicants will be allowed into December to complete any educational requirements that are outstanding; however, all application paperwork should be in the District Office by November 1 [November 30 with a $100 late fee].  THE PAPERWORK PORTION OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS RUNS FROM MARCH 1 TO NOVEMBER 1 EACH YEAR.

  6. Applicants will be required to attend the Credentialing Seminar in February.  The applicant and their spouse/fiancée/fiancé [if applicable] will be interviewed by the Credential Committee at the Credentialing Seminar [see Step #3 on pg 13 of the Policy Manual].

  7. The District Presbytery will consider the Credential Committee’s recommendation regarding the credential applicant and will forward the approved application to the General Council for final approval.

  8. The minister will be presented with their credential at the Minnesota District Council meeting in April.

For ministers seeking to UPGRADE their credential from Certificate of Ministry to License or from License to Ordination, below is information regarding that process:

    1. Request an Application for Upgrade of Credentials from the District Secretary's Department.  With the application, the applicant will receive Information Authorization & Release forms and a Background Check Disclosure.  
    2. The applicant should send the paperwork to the District Office with the appropriate application fee [see pg 4 in the Policy Manual for the applicable fee], transcripts showing the education has been completed [see the attached Policy Manual for a list of the required courses], and a copy of their Social Security card, if it has not already been sent.
    3. Upon receipt of the paperwork at the District Office, a background check will be run [which will include a credit check].  If the reports return favorably, the applicant will be sent reference forms for the references listed on the application, study materials for the credential test, and a proctor agreement to be given to the proctor who will be administering the test.
    4. All paperwork is due in the District Office by November 1.
    5. All Ordination applicants will be required to attend the Credentialing Seminar as indicated on the Credential Calendar.  License applicants will not be required to attend the Credentialing Seminar if they attended it as a Certificate of Ministry applicant.
    6. All applicants will be interviewed on the dates as indicated on the Credential Calendar attached.  
    7. If so approved, the credential will be given at the Credentialing Service at District Council [the date is on the Credential Calendar].  
    8. If there are any questions about the upgrade process, contact the Secretary's Department at the District Office - (612) 332-2400.

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